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Hôtellerie des Moines Bénédictins de l'Abbaye de Jumièges




ie Benedictines Monks of Jumièges Abbey's hostelry


In the Xth century, the Monks were given Vimoutiers and all its appurtenances. Their Prior would live in the Prieuré de Crouttes. In spite of its outer decoration which pictures the XVth century, an act dated 1745 reveals that it was given to the Benedictins of Jumiege, feudal lords and barons of Vimoutiers, by Richard 1er, Duke of Normandy [943-995].  In 1815, it became the Post Hotel and in 1899, Baron of Mackau bought it and founded a museum on the ground floor.


donation of Vimoutiers   Prieuré de Crouttes  ► Jumieges Abbey  


The place nowadays Jumieges Abbey nowadays



Vieux Couvent des Bénédictines



ie Benedictines's Ancient Convent. This entrance still exists.


Convent founded in 1648 by Nicolas de James, Equerry, Seigneur de la Meilleraie, whose daughters, Catherine de James de Saint-Jores and Marguerite-Cécile de James de la Meilleraie are regarded as the first headmistresses.
Queen Mother, Anne d'Autriche, encouraged this House and Catherine and Marguerite-Cécile were allowed to set up a school for "poors" in 1651. During the Revolution, Benedictines were dispossessed and the Convent put up for sale at the price of 35.000 livres on March 11th, 1794. Citoyen Forget Jean got it for 50.500 livres.

The dovecot of the Old Convent, sold by the Mayor, was dismantled and rebuilt at the Castle of Crevecoeur en Auge


Le vieux couvent nowadays 1  Le vieux couvent nowadays 2 

The dovecot nowadays 




Ecole Notre-Dame/La Providence School




The Convent sold out, the Nuns went on teaching at the Hospice founded by Mr Abbe Crestey until 1848, then the school moved a couple of times until it settled in this building.

Not damaged by the 1944 bombardements, however  the Pilot-Club of Philadelphia offered Christmas gifts to the pupils up to the seventies.

Finally, the main building of La Providence was detroyed in the 80's.


The place nowadays






built circa 1842, in the yard known as "Cour de l'aumône", ie "yard of alms".








Dr Labbé Pavillon - Dr Dentu Pavillon - The yard and the chaptel - The Chaptel - View over the Vie river


The hospice was founded by l'abbé Crestey with the money that he gained from a lawsuit which opposed him to Protestantism in 1665. Pierre Crestey did a lot to provide children with formal education and to help indigents. Hospital/Hospice all destroyed June 1944.


Hospital  ► Rue Crestey/Rue Fais Cuit





Eglise Saint Sauveur

Former Eglise Notre-Dame

 Eglise Notre Dame

About 2 churches




"The Gautiers Revolt" April 22-23, 1589




Notre-Dame nowadays


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