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Website created June 2005, regular maintenance & updates.

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To December 31st, 2019 : 622.442 visits (36.545 of which in 2019)

Record day 05/22/2017 : 3.913 visits ... due to the Marie Harel Doodle ... thanks Google !

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You own a picture which I am unlikely to acquire ... I would be pleased to buy it.

You don't want to sell it but would enjoy seeing it on the site,

please send it as an e-mail attachment,

I'll mention the source if you wish it, and visitors will be pleased.


  Redaction :

 These synthetic pages are objectable, it is with pleasure that I will correct the errors

tell them to me ... nicely !

  Sources and bibliography :

Mainly : The Charters of Jumieges before 1121, Histoire ecclesiastique 1123-41 by OD:Orderic Vital,

Histoire de France by FEM:François-Eudes de Mezeray 1643-51

History of the Abbey of Jumieges 1760 by anonymous monk edited 1880-85 by l'abbe Loth,

Essai Historique sur la cathédrale et le chapitre de Séez par H Marais et H Beaudouin 1876

Nouvelle Histoire de Normandie par André LaFresnaye/Benoit de Sainte-More, 

Histoire des guerres civiles de France/Arrigo Caterino Davila/Monfieur l'Abbé M***", 1757/1602

        Vimoutiers by C:Courmaceul 1816, G:Guillemeth 1847, Géographie de l'Orne CG:C.Gautier 1867,

Vimoutiers by B:Brion 1869, AP:A.Pernelle 1903, JB:Jean Bard 1948, Charlotte Corday by Joseph Shearing 1935,

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 National Geographic magazine, "Camembert, a national myth" P. Boisard 1992,

Historical Society of Vimoutiers, le blog de Gérard Roger, ADPE Pont de Vie, le Centre historique des Archives Nationales,

Le Patrimoine National, BNF, IGN, CNAM, the web, links, a few narratives, my research works, and so on ....

  ... the vintage cards :

They are my collection. My wish is no other than to offer to you a stroll in the past,

and ... fortunately maybe,

to enable you to recognize a face, a silhouette, a signboard ... t'was yesterday.

Should you wish to copy one (1) of them for your website, your forum or your favourite social network,

you may provided that you do not commercialize/market it,

you mention the source and create an operational link to http://vimoutiers.net/Home.htm

Should you include this picture in a multi-themes slideshow with no link possible, add the hereunder picture.

 Any other copy, any marketing and any sales forbidden, thanks for your fair play.


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