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The Market Place - the Monks Yard

The Market place nowadays (Place Mackau)




The market has been held in Vimoutiers for more than 1000 years, a market mainly devoted to butter, cheeses and vegetables.


Inaugurated in 1848 as building for the Canvas Market*,

la Halle aux Toiles* became la Halle au Beurre, ie building for the Butter Market, from 1872.



Weighing the butter** : "His Butterfingers won't let this ball slip ...

Each monday, dairywomen used to bring their churnings to the weekly market in Vimoutiers.

Weighted and tested for quality, the butter would go to Paris or foreign dealers"

On the market place in front of the Town Hall, the monument to WWI war dead**.

Under an arch, a stele to Marie Harel and the female farmers***.

Marie Harel is regarded as the inventor of the famous Camembert cheese***.

The village of Camembert is only 5kms from Vimoutiers.


The bombardment About the rebuilding




On the map 1779, there are two Halles :

  ● The most ancient one rue Le Comte, was the Halle des boucheries, the Butchery market,

  ● the other one along the place, was the former Halle aux toiles*, the Canvas market,

constructed of wood by the Monks in 1718 and rebuilt in 1813.

Finally both of them were replaced by the above one.


 * Canvas & Cretonne

**by Walker©NGS National Geographic Magazine à Vimoutiers

*** Marie Harel et le camembert

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