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Eglise Saint Sauveur - 1st Eglise Notre-Dame - 2nd Eglise Notre-Dame - Eglise Saint Denis du Pont-de-Vie - About two churches by Florentin Loriot



Eglise Saint Denis du Pont de Vie

Eglise Saint-Denis du Pont de vie nowadays


The charter of the Xth century, in which Richard I confirms to the Jumieges Abbey the donation of Vimoutiers and its appurtenances, mentions le Pont de Vie, "Pontem Viam", located on the road of the pilgrims coming from East and going to the Mont Saint Michel and l'église Saint-Denis is mentioned in the XIIth century as a dependency of the Benedictine Abbey of Almeneches.


The original church of Romanesque architecture with a timber supported by internal posts would be from the XIth century but the limestone construction is mainly from the XVIth century.

The baptistery, a circular font carved from monolith limestone, might date from the original church. The former altar, out of limestone as well, and possibly from the XIIIth century, is preserved  under the present wooden altar and retable dated XVIIIth century.


This church, of a lenghtened plan and surrounded with its cemetery, was restored in the XVIIIth century, date of the major part of its furniture. The roofs and the bell-tower were repaired in 1858. Then new restorations, mainly the sacristy, were carried out end XIXth and beginning XXth century.


Pont de Vie : the hamlet joined Vimoutiers in 1829.


Ways/Tracks to Saint Michael's Mount

Virtual tour : Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel/Saint Michael Mount




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