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Fabrics manufactured in Vimoutiers


Canvas or rolled fabrics :

Hemp fabrics initially rolled then folded from 1734 onwards in order to allow control by easy counting from the ends.
Shipowners of Bordeaux, Nantes, La Rochelle, Saint-Malo, Honfleur, le Havre would come and deal directly in Vimoutiers and products were dispatched to Spain, the colonies and ... to America. Thereafter the shipowners had recourse to commission agents, some of them not very scrupulous, which posed many problems of quality control in spite of numerous regulations.


Square fabrics or Vimoutières :

Hemp  or tow yarn fabrics, named thus because they were visited, marked and sold on the market of Vimoutiers. Each range had to have 40yarns.


Cretonne :

Fine fabric of flax whose origin is attributed to Paul Creton. Various widths according to the use for which they were intended, used mainly for houselhold linen. From 1855, fabrics for sheets without seam (!) are weaved.


Bourette :

Very solid fabric, made of linen tow, created in 1782 by Jean Rossignol. Blue for aprons, and also trousers known as Parisians. Up to the 18th century.

Others :

Weaving manufacture of Tailfer brothers in Vimoutiers, created in 1865, intended mainly for the army requirements during the war of 1870. End suspension 19th.

Trade marks, reflection of the evolution :

First half of the 18th century : 140 for the hemp fabrics, 23 for the flax fabrics

Second half of the 18th century : 46 for hemp fabrics, 97 for flax fabrics.



Fabrics manufacturers and related occupations


F. Vaumesle 1740, Vimoutiers

Etienne Delahaye 1743, Camembert

Pierre Polin 1743, Crouttes

Pierre Demace 1743, Marmouillé

Jacques Robillard 1744, Mesnil Bacley

Pierre Dehave 1744, Vimoutiers

Robert Lapotaire 1748, St-Pierre la Rivière

Michel Chatel 1749, garde-jurés

Letourneur de Vaussery 1749, garde-jurés des toiles de lin

Jean Lesage 1749, Vimoutiers

Letourneur de Vaussery 1749, Vimoutiers

Eustache Hardy 1749, Vimoutiers

François Conard 1749, Crouttes, chanvre

François Lalizel 1750, Montormel, chanvre

Charles Dubois 1750,La Brévière

François Chop 1750, Fouqueran, chanvre

Pierre-Germain Delisle 1750, Vimoutiers

Pierre Jullien 1752, Vimoutiers, blanchisseur

Philippe Loutreuil 1752, Vimoutiers, chanvre

Thomas Le Drel 1753, Paroisse du château, chanvre

Pierre Gautry 1753, Paroisse du château, chanvre

Jacques-Constantin Corneuil 1754, Guerquesalles, lin

Pierre Castillon 1754, Louvagné, lin

Robert Guérin 1754, Guerquesalles, chanvre

Pierre Letourneur 1754, Vimoutiers, lin

Pierre-Germain Delisle 1754, Mesnil-Bacley, lin

Jean Beauvais 1754, Ste Marguerite de Viette, lin

Jean Dufour 1754, chanvre

Jean Lambert 1755, Chambois, chanvre

Jacques de La Roquelle 1755, Vimoutiers, lin

Etienne Lautour 1755, Ste Foy de Montgommery, chanvre

François Piquet 1755, St Pierre la Rivière, chanvre

François 1756, garde juré

Guillaume Monnier 1756, Mesnil Germain, lin

André Gentil 1756, lin et chanvre

Pierre Le Ferme 1756, Roiville, lin

Joseph Desvaux 1756, Vimoutiers, blanchisseur et Md

Guillaume Jouenne 1756, Ste Marguerite des Loges

Marin Rault 1756, Givray, chanvre

François du Coudray 1756, Malnoyé, chanvre

Jean Richer 1756, Osmont, lin

François Deshayes 1756, Ste Foy de Montgommery, lin

Nicolas Lecoq 1757, Vimoutiers, garde-juré

Adrian Lardant 1757, Livarot, garde-juré

Pierre Manoury 1757, Vimoutiers, chanvre

François Fournet 1757, Roiville, lin

Jean Gondouin 1757, La Chapelle Hte Grue, lin

Pierre Caly 1757, Ginay, chanvre

Jean Boule 1757, Notre Dame du Bois St Evroult, chanvre

Jean Morand 1758, Neauphes, chanvre

Jacques Le Coq 1758, Des Corches, chanvre

Louis Laisné 1758, Montfort, chanvre

Nicolas Lecoq 1758, Vimoutiers

François Leroy 1758, Camembert, chanvre

Marin-Jérosme Roux 1760, Malvoyé, chanvre

Nicolas Le Coq 1760, garde juré

Pierre Jullien 1760, Vimoutiers, blanchisseur et lin

Philippe Guerre, garde juré

Pierre Loutreuil, garde juré

François Le Cours, Regnoüard, chanvre

Henri Samin, Mesnil Bacley, chanvre

Jérôme Chastel 1763, Vimoutiers, lin

Robert Denis 1763, lin

Jacques Louvet 1763, Ligneries, tisserand

Pierre Lozé 1763, Ste Marguerite des Loges, lin

François 1763, Vimoutiers, lin

Louis Morand 1763, Ligneries, chanvre

Christophe Duchesse 1764, Heurtevent

Pierre Berthelot 1764, Vimoutiers, garde juré

Pierre Ollivier 1764, Ligneries

Louis Jouenne, 1765

Pierre Loutreuil 1765, lin

Jean Dufour 1765, lin et chanvre

Jean-Baptiste Renoult 1765, Livarot, lin

Jean-Baptiste Manoury 1765, Ste Foy de Montgommery, lin

Michel Lamy 1765, St Lomer, lin

Jean Le Mesle 1765, Montormel, chanvre

Nicolas Collas

Gabriel Campé

Pierre Réveillé 1770, Echauffour, chanvre

Pierre Duchesne 1767, Heurtevent

Jacques Roquette 1767, Bomprey

François Guerre 1767, garde juré

M.Châtel 1767, garde juré

Jean-Baptiste Coessin

François Masselin 1767, Vimoutiers, lin

Jean Choppe 1767, Fouquerant, lin

François-Eustache Jardin 1767, St Germain de Montgommery, lin

Germain Moissy 1767, St Germain de Montgommery, lin

Antoinne Touchet 1767, Ticheville, lin

Adrien Dubois 1767, Livarot, lin

Jean Chaumont 1767, La Brévière, lin

Charles Peubrey 1767, Crouttes, lin

Adrien-Charles Lardant 1767, Livarot, lin

François-Jacques Guerré 1767, Vimoutiers, lin

Pierre Grandval 1767, Camembert, lin

Jacques-Constantin Corneville 1767, Ticheville, lin

Pierre Ménil, aulneur, chanvre et grosse toile

François Vigan 1768, Champosoult, chanvre

Gérôme Chatel 1769

Jacques-Constantin Corneville 1770, toiles cretonnes

Jacques du Chesne 1770, St Michel de Livet, garde juré

Jean Coessin 1770, St Germain de Montgommery, garde juré

Jacques Robillard 1770, Livarot, lin

Jacques De Chesne, St Michel de Livet, lin

Jean-Henry de La Bigne

Jacques Corneville 1771

Jacques Hébert, lin

Jean-Baptiste Delaunay 1771, lin

Jean Sorel

Le Breton, Coudehard

Dubos, Coudehard

Jacques Desvaux, chanvre

Pierre Moisie, chanvre


Autres gardes-jurés de 1738 à 1786

Jean Dufour



Beauprey de la Roquelle

Jacques Hébert

Jean Delisle

Michel Pernelle

Charles Aubert

Jean Challes

Eustache Boudin

Nicolas Guérin

Jacques Leroux

Thomas Dupendant


Autres Blanchisseurs

Pierre Lelasseur, quartier de la Clausée

De La Vende Delisle, La Fauvetière

Dupré, Cour des Maignants

Chevrel et Jacques-Colas Desrencontres, Les Clos-Tords

Fontaine Laniel, La Gausselinaie

Laniel, La Ribaudière

Rault, les Tuileries

Desvaux, Le Pont-Percé

Thomas Mézières, Canapville

Giraud, Pontchardon

Cauvigny, Canardeau

Lesieur-Bernardin, Les Clos-Tords

Loutreuil-Dutailly, Tuileries

Michel dit Lavarande, rue du Perré

Thomas Mézières, La Fauvetière

Greslebin, Les Clos Tords


Exhibitors - 1806 Paris

Mrs Ridel-Beaupré, Crouptes, Toiles, mention honorable

Mr P. Poussin, Vimoutiers, Toiles, mention honorable

Mr Jacques Hébert, Vimoutiers, Toiles, mention honorable


Exhibitors - 1819 Paris

François Ridel, Crouptes, toile cretonne, citation

Mr Lemeneur, Vimoutiers, toile cretonne, citation

Mr Yver, Vimoutiers, toile cretonne, citation

Delisle fils Germain, Vimoutiers, toile cretonne, citation

Mr Couture-Dubuisson, Vimoutiers, toile cretonne, citation

Mr Moulin, Vimoutiers, toile cretonne, citation



The above lists are not exhaustive and may be updated




The Cretonne, from here to beyond the seas :  "smart", "soothing" and "cosy"

Plain linen coat

trimmed with cretonne, worn with a striped linen skirt :


"Paris Letter"

Madame de Mantaigu

May 1908 to

McCall's Magazine



"Mme Roland opened a door on the right.
"This is the bed-room", said she.
She had devoted herself to its decoration with all her mother's love. The hangings were of Rouen cretonne imitating old Normandy chintz."

Guy de Maupassant, Pierre and Jean


"When she had gone upstairs again, her bedroom especially enchanted her. It had been hung with delicate rose-colored Louis XVI cretonne by an Orleans upholsterer. Dear me, yes! One ought to sleep jolly sound in such a room as that; why it was a real best bedroom!"

Emile Zola, Nana


"What he considered necessary was to cover all the furniture with cretonne, to put up curtains, to weed the garden, to make a little bridge on the pond, and to plant flowers."

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


What Girls can do

with cretonne

The Ladies'Home Journal, May 1908

Did you know :

The flax is the ancestor of textile fibers,  its origins are traced back to 6000 years before Christ. Of divine spirit, it symbolizes purity. In old Egypt, slaves, enchained at feet, spun and wove the flax.

The flax spinning wheel was invented in 1530. AB

The cultures of agricultural or industrial hemp are called "chanvrières", but the historical word is a "chenevière", and in Oc Provencal language, "can(n)ebière" - from where the name of the famous Marseilles avenue : La Canebière.

cretonne : 19 years wedding anniversary

"A thatched cottage, a heart ... and a linen trousseau,

this is any modern girl's dream"

sic Lin Fleur Bleue 1930's



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Sources:*translated from JB/B/AP/CG/JC/MC/AB : Jean Bard, Brion, A.Pernelle,C.Gautier, J.Chennebois, M.Campion, Alfred Bell

Redaction, Sources and bibliography