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Jean-Paul MARAT's destiny


Charlotte Corday (July 27th,1768/July 17th,1793), aristocrat with no wealth, French patriot, was born in Les Champeaux, a hamlet about five kilometers from Vimoutiers. Descended from the dramatist Pierre Corneille, on her mother line, adept of the philosophs Plutarch, Tacitus and Rousseau, sympathizer of the moderates, or Girondists, during the French Revolution, she determined to kill Jean-Paul Marat, Montagnard and radical Jacobins, whom she held responsible for the Reign of Terror. Charlotte went to Paris, she gained admittance to Marat's house on the pretext of disclosing to him the names of Girondins in the city of Caen. Marat suffering of skin problems, used to work in a bath. Charlotte is admitted in the room, and here stabbed him to death while he was in his bath. Charlotte was captured by Marat's friends before she could escape, and condemned by the revolutionary tribunal.


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Charlotte Corday : CLIP "What have you done Charlotte"



The Death of Marat, by Jacques-Louis David. MUSIC/LOVELY VOICE : "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennitt.




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Her life and places Charlotte has lived in Normandy

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Sources : Clips "What  have you done Charlotte" by morwynn - "The death of Marat by JL David" Music by bluetwizler

Charlotte Corday, movie 1 to 5 - YouTube by Viktor Lazarevski